#27 – In Search of…Snow boots!


This is a job for…


We just had the first snowfall of the season here in MN and, like many other parents, we didn’t have the right size of boots for Duncan – seeing as how he keeps growing. Weird.

Anyway, the predictions were, of course, catastrophic. “Snowpocalypse!”, “8-14 inches!!” “Worst fall snowstorm since the Blizzard of ‘91!!” “Call out the National Guard!” “Run in circles and scream!!”

So after it only snowed maybe an inch or two (SnowBigDeal, right?), we went out to find D-Man some boots. Here is where we went – in order:

Famous Footwear

Cabella’s (Sporting Goods GIANT!)

Another Famous Footwear

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Fleet Farm


Nothing, Nada, Zip. The shelves were picked clean. We also called 2 Land’s End stores because I had a coupon.

No boots at school the next day. 🙁

So Suzanne called a K-Mart (Nope) and yet another Famous Footwear the next day. Famous Footwear had some in his size! She put a pair on hold for him to pick up later. When she got there, she was told it was a good thing she had called because they had restocked that morning, but now all but the pair on hold were gone. Success! And he even likes them!!

One winter crisis averted. Eventually.


–Originally posted on tumblr.com. Copyright 2014 Paul Reyburn

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