Just When You Thought You Didn’t Need ANOTHER Reason To Love Horses….


I love horses. My daughter loves horses. I think, at some point, a vast majority of kids go through a stage where equine fascination creates a life that is inundated with horse paraphernalia. Cowboys, rodeo queens, Olympic steeplechase riders, jockeys, knights, soldiers, trainers, mounted police…. the list for cool horse-affiliated jobs goes on and on. For some, that passion never fades. This father took his own love of those majestic four-legged creatures to a new level, when he discovered how much his own child opened up after stepping up into a saddle for the first time. It is imperative to note that his child was diagnosed with autism and had limited verbal communication. The therapy these animals provided this man’s son also inspired them to share it with other people diagnosed with ASD. They even came up with their own therapy method which covers anyone, no matter where they fall on the spectrum. So cool!

Watch and be amazed at the story this family has to share (and try not to get horse envy)!

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