Parental Writes #22 – The Wedding Weekend


We traveled to Michigan recently for a family wedding. Ann Arbor specifically.


I had never been there before. Beautiful town and, of course, home to the University of Michigan. The bride and groom had gone to undergrad and grad school there, Suzanne’s parents had both attended grad school there. A lot of connections to the town so We were all excited to be able to travel there.

We met up with one of Suzanne’s former students who is in the BFA program there for Musical Theater. She gave us a great tour of the campus and introduced us to this great restaurant.


Sava’s. If you ever get to Ann Arbor, it’s on State St. near Washington Ave. We ended up going there for lunch again the next day and brought more people! I told Duncan he should go to school there just so we could visit and go to Sava’s more often! His first college visit!!

Anyhoo, the wedding was a blast! It was held outside of town at a farm. The shuttle driver (brilliant idea, BTW!) got lost so those of us upfront punched it up on our GPS so we got there just in time.

The ceremony was in a lovely “barn”.


Dinner was in a tent nearby and then back to the barn for dancing!


Duncan was the only kid there after dinner but he had fun anyway. His cousins (the one getting married, her brothers and their girlfriends) would grab him to join them on the dance floor. What could be better?!? Better than dancing with your dad, right?


He seems to be enjoying it…?


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