Parental Writes #24 – The Ugly Duckling Day


For whatever reason, I wake up early in the morning – usually no later than 6:00 am. Even if I go to bed late, my internal alarm goes off around 5:30. Usually it’s fine – I can read, catch up on the news, watch a show from the previous week. It’s pretty good.

Last Saturday was no exception. I was looking forward to the day because the only thing scheduled was Suzanne and Duncan getting a haircut in the morning. Other than that, wide open day! Weird and rare! We could do a few chores around the house, play in the yard, go for a bike ride or hike, whatever!

Then Duncan woke up. In. A Mood.

He did NOT want to get his haircut, even though it had been scheduled for a couple of weeks with Suzanne’s stylist. He went there the last time he got it cut and liked it. Now, of course, he HATED it and refused to get dressed or listen to reason – as in he would have to pay for it anyway because we can’t cancel last minute (or so we said – might have been ok, but I doubt it).

He finally, and reluctantly, stomped off to get dressed and go when we started bringing up the consequences he was going to get because of his ridiculous behavior, mainly no screen time or playing with the neighbor kid.

By this time, all of us were in foul moods.

Suzanne and Duncan went off to the salon and I headed to Home Depot to get shrink wrap for the windows. Because Minnesota.


Anyhoo – They get back from the salon and he is in a MUCH better mood! His haircut looks great (so does Suzanne’s!), and one of the first things he does is give me a hug and say “I’m sorry I was such a butt”. Because he’s 10. 🙂

Well, there was singing from on high, the clouds parted, and the day turned to this:

I made some chili, we invited friends over, played some football in the yard, and put that ugly duckling of a morning to rest!



–Originally posted on Copyright 2014 by Paul Reyburn

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