Parental Writes #26 – Halloween 2014


Another Halloween has come and gone. Once again, he wanted to be some sort of dead, zombie, bloody guy. Fine by me, because then I get to play with all the makeup.

His grandma wanted him to be a cute bunny (not wanting to admit he’s getting older. :))

We did a compromise picture for her…


Yep, I have a bunny suit. Wore it in a few shows actually:


^This was from “The Bible: Abridged”. Because what’s a Bible story without the Easter bunny? 🙂

Anywho – it beats the cheerleader outfit I wore in college—


Back to this year – Duncan and I headed over to our friend’s neighborhood (ours is on a busy street and not many people are around on Halloween). Me and the other dad headed out with our Gang of 6: Bloody guy, Katniss, a gypsy, 2 pirates and a vampire.


*Side note: We have managed to almost perfect the layered costumes here in MN, since it was about 30 degrees.*

There are a lot of big, old houses in this neighborhood, and a lot of them go all out! Graveyards, guillotines, haunted dining rooms, shrieking ghosties, etc…

The kids always have a great haul. I’m hopeful that Duncan will want to continue trick-or-treating for a few more years. I think I have just as much fun as he does!


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