Parental Writes #28 – The Long Wait…


As a 10-year old, Duncan doesn’t feel the need to shower everyday. We don’t think he does either. Yet. I’m sure that day is coming soon…


Happens to the best of us.

The thing is, right now it takes him, on average, about 30 minutes to shower (we won’t discuss water usage). There’s a lot of singing, of course, and probably deep thoughts…


This is bad enough at bedtime – another way to prolong going to bed – but lately he wants to shower in the morning (his hair is long so it’s super messy in the morning. I remember those days. <sigh>). Again, this would be OK except that we usually head out the door for school around 7:30. So given how long it takes to complete his ablutions, I need to get him up at 6:30, which makes him cranky and want to move even slower (because I think he knows it drives me bonkers!).


It should get interesting in a few years…

–Originally posted on Copyright 2014 by Paul Reyburn

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