Parental Writes #3 – Food!

#3. Food!

My kid likes food. He’ll try anything! Which makes it super fun to try new restaurants.  Last year for Mother’s Day, we went to a North African place and he ordered the appetizer special—an octopus bruschetta. This year it was a Nepalese restaurant with curries and a Yak Thupka (noodle soup).

I know!!

While his willingness to try new things is awesome, there are certain things he doesn’t like as much that make me think I have failed:

Pizza- He’s not that much of a fan. He’ll have maybe a slice (and the pepperoncinis that come with some delivery pizzas) but that’s it. He really frowns at frozen pizza. He’ll do the cheesy bread but not pizza. This makes me sad. I could eat pizza nearly every day, frozen, delivery, I don’t care.




Great. Now I’m hungry and I just had lunch.

Chocolate- I can hear you saying “WHAAAT?!?”. Nope. Not into it. As far as candy goes, he’s a Gummi guy. He can inhale a bag of those things in seconds. But not the chocolate. Occasionally, he’ll go for the fancy ones if they’re around (Ghiradelli, Lindt, etc…). I think he gets that from his mom. <sigh>




Cake- Again. “WHAAAAAT?!?”. Pie? Sure. Cake? Not so much. Also from his mom. Chocolate cake is a double whammy! Birthdays are usually some sort of ice cream thing. More on that another time…

This past birthday, he enjoyed a yummy flan:





In the grand scheme of eating, these are mostly minor-except pizza. Need to work on that one some more… because PIZZA!! Otherwise, not having a picky eater is great fun. I’ll have to write about our ‘Chopped” dinners sometime.

Every Memorial Day, a good friend hosts a “Meat Feast” where he cooks an amazing amount and variety of meats. Sausages, wings, steaks, ribs, brisket, you name it. There are a couple of grills and 1-2 smokers going all day plus copious amounts of craft beers, wine and soda.

Last year, he had some bear steaks for everyone to try. Duncan thought they were pretty good, but what he was REALLY excited to try was this:





That’s right. Lamb Testicles. A first for me as well. They had a certain nutty flavor to them.  😉

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