Parental Writes #30 – ‘Tis The Season!


Busy! Busy! Busy!

Took a week off last week to deal with our home break-in from Thanksgiving weekend. Blah! Enough of that humbug!


This week is Tech Week for a Christmas show that Duncan and I are in. Yay! Tech Week! A whole new level of stress! If you’ve ever done a show, you know of what I speak.


Although, this one is pretty easy, as far as techs go. It’s a show we’ve both done before so that helps a ton. The hard part, at least for Duncan, is that they tend to go late so he’s tired. He’s been doing good so far, but it’s early. We’ll see how he is by the end of the week.


Plus, it’s only for 3 shows. We’re done at the end of the week. Of course, it’s his birthday weekend coming up so he’ll be jazzed for that on Sunday (Rides at the Mall of America!!!)!


That will be next week’s posting…

We’ll see how his mom and I do 🙂


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