Parental Writes #31 – Birthday Party!!


So Duncan turned 11 this week. Whoa. Time flies like the wind (fruit flies like bananas)!

This year, he just wanted a couple of friends to hang out at the Mall Of America’s Nickelodeon Universe amusement park.


And he didn’t want presents, just a fun afternoon. Yay!! So they ran around the park for 4-5 hours and had a blast. We managed to get them to stop briefly for some snacks. Meaning Icees, cotton candy, and a tub of popcorn the size of Delaware.


That is a standard sized wine glass for comparison (About twice as big as what you get at the movies). Plus a FREE REFILL! Which we didn’t use.

Then more running around.

I did manage to get a picture of him at “home plate”.


For those who haven’t been there, that marks the spot where home plate was at the old Metropolitan Stadium where the MN Twins first played. There is also a stadium chair on the far wall 522 feet away (over the Log Chute) that marks where Harmon Killebrew hit a second deck homer in 1967.


But I digress…

A great time was had by all but Duncan was pretty tired when we got home. He was feeling the effects of the junky snacks so he sat on the couch munching spinach out of the bag. 🙂


–Originally posted on Copyright 2014 by Paul Reyburn

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