Parental Writes #32 – Kitchen Aide!


So one of our favorite shows to watch is “Master Chef Jr.” where kids compete in the Master Chef kitchen and Gordon Ramsey is one of the judges.


Duncan likes to help out with cooking (sometimes) and he gets fun ideas on things he’d like to make. He is also in an after-school cooking class 2 days a week. This past week, he’s made dinner for us twice (Suzanne and I take on the role as sous chef). First up was mini taco bowls. He pressed them onto the back of a muffin pan and baked them. Cool!


He seasoned the ground beef with salsa and ranch dressing mix. Add other taco toppings and Delicious!!

Last night he made bagel pizzas for us. He toasted the bagels in the oven first (so they wouldn’t get sogged out from the sauce. Smart). Then we could add our toppings and cheese (I opted for pepperoni, banana peppers, and more cheese). Bake for about 10 minutes and Voila! Super yummy!!


Today being Christmas Eve, he’s all excited to help out in the kitchen for tonight’s dinner, perhaps gunning to move up a few notches on the nice list. I kid. He’s pretty far up the list already.

Plenty for him to do – We’re doing a Cuban pork roast


Creamy Garlic Soup (My mother-in-law’s favorite)


Plus diced baked potatoes, green beans, spinach salad.

For dessert – 3 different kinds of homemade ice cream; Vanilla, Chocolate, and Lemon along with a raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce, and a butterscotch bourbon sauce. And a bazillion Christmas cookies.

I’m already drooling….

Happy Holidays, everyone!

–Originally posted on Copyright 2014 by Paul Reyburn

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