Parental Writes #34 – We’re (not) Having A Heat Wave!


Always delightful when your “high” for the day is below zero. :/

At these temps, frostbite can happen in 10-20 minutes on exposed skin. Not that there is any skin exposed…

And most of us are outside long enough to get from house to car to work. I was fortunate enough to receive one of these from my wife for Christmas:

Oh yeah, that is a heated car seat pad. AWESOME!! This may need to be a required feature on my next car, along with a remote starter (Which I got for my wife a couple of Christmases ago).

This is the time of year when there is an endless scroll of school closings and delays on the TV. It’s just a regular part of the local stations’ programming. Nowadays, we also get a robo-call from the school district letting us know if schools are closed.


Last night was weird, though. We got the call telling us that school would be OPEN today. That seems to be a waste of time. We’re trained in MN to assume that if it is not on the TV scroll, school is still happening. So much confusion!!

OK – that’s just weird and disturbing.

On the plus side, this sort of thing gets us through awkward conversation pauses with strangers…

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Paul Reyburn Paul has been an actor/director in the Twin Cities area for over 30 years and is very active in the MN theater community. His kid is really cool! He also writes the "Parental Writes" blog at
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