Parental Writes #35 – The Long Slog


So Christmas is long past and New Year’s is in the rearview mirror. What we have left is the long slog towards Spring.

The snow no longer has that festive, Christmas-y feel to it. Even new snow gives us that feeling of “Well, now you’re just being mean.” And it’s not just living things…

Now, there are still things to enjoy about winter here in MN – sledding, skating, skiing, etc… but the lingering thought in the back of everyone’s mind is “When will this end?!?” Those who genuinely say they like winter are looked upon with a special disdain.

As a “bonus”, we generally get our coldest weather after December. That helps the mood tremendously.

Oh well – only 3 1/2 months until we can shed the fleece (yeah, spring “officially” arrives in March, but we also get most of our snow in March so the Vernal Equinox just means it’s time for High School hockey and basketball tournaments and a blizzard.

Welp, off to work…

–Originally posted on Copyright 2015 by Paul Reyburn

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