Post-it® Brand Collaboration Week: Tuesday’s Star Piñata


Is making a piñata as fun as breaking it open at the party? We think so! Decorate it with a bunch of colors to make your birthday party or holiday celebration extra festive. Kids will need help from an adult to complete this project.

What you need:
utility knife
hot glue gun
1 pack of 3″ x 3″ Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in 3-5 colors


What to do:

1. Draw a star and trace it onto the cardboard. It can be measured evenly, or eyeballed randomly. (Goofy-looking stars are fun, too!)


2. Use the utility knife and cut your star out from the cardboard


3. Take your cardboard star, place it on top of another piece of cardboard, and trace around the edges.


4. Cut out this star. You now have the front and back of your piñata!

5. Measure the length of each side of your star, and trace out pieces 3” wide to go all around the star.

6. Cut out these cardboard strips. Meanwhile, plug in the hot glue gun to heat


7. One side at a time, use the hot glue gun and carefully glue the cardboard strips onto the back of your star. Press and hold the cardboard together until the glue cools.


8. Keep going around the star until all the edges are glued on, except one.

9. Quickly but safely, put hot glue on the top edge of the side pieces all at once. Place your other cardboard star cutout on top.


10. Once the glue cools, you can look at your piñata and fill in any gaps with a little extra hot glue.

11. Starting at the bottom and working your way up, layer the Post-it® Notes over each other. You can use one color, or a bunch of them!


12. Don’t worry when the Post-it® Notes stick out over the edges. When you’re done covering one side, use a scissors and trim them close to the edge of the cardboard.

13. Do the same thing on the back side.

14. Fill your piñata using the open panel, then carefully glue in this final piece.


15. On the sides of your piñata, use Post-it® Notes to cover the cardboard. If you need to, use a little bit of glue to keep the Post-it® Notes flat.


16. Poke holes in the cardboard for a string to go through, and hang your piñata.


17. Have fun!


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This activity was brought to you by Creative Kidstuff and Post-it® Brand.


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