Stuntman Baby Knows No Fear, Thanks To Dad’s Photo Magic.


“Disturbingly realistic” is not something you typically hear about baby pictures.

But then, most babies don’t have a super imaginative photographer dad, either!

Baby Boy Is Tiny Stuntman Thanks to Dad’s Photo Magic

Photos by Brandon Hill

With the help of his professional photographer dad, young Maddex can be found zipping around town on a scooter, hanging from trees, or doing acrobatic feats on the edge of his crib!

“I’m inspired by his personality and the infant-to-toddler transformation”, says dad Brandon. “This is my first child, and it’s fascinating how quickly they go from a small feeding machine that doesn’t know why it had to leave the womb, to a wide-eyed child that wants to discover everything at once. Once they know how to do something, they can’t unlearn it, which is exciting and terrifying. His personality is definitely on the daring side and he doesn’t seem to believe in risk. So the series is a heightened reflection of his and my experience.”

Every time he posts a new one on his Instagram account, people start to gush.


“Levitating baby. Now I’ve seen it all,” wrote a fan on the latest Maddex shot, which has him “balanced” on the edge of his crib. Other gushing sentiments: “fantastic,” “so awesome,” “j’adore,” and “brilliant.”

He starts his process in his head, imagining some of the weirdest, most terrifying moments a parent could walk into. He then sets up the room and, if necessary, takes some blank shots to work with.


Then either a photo assistant or Hill’s wife, who works as a marriage and family counselor, brings in the star of the shot and helps him strike his pose. And since it’s Seattle, why wouldn’t you use some of the iconic sites around town, such as the gum wall?


“They will hold him securely and I photograph about 75 to 100 shots if I can,” Hill says. “From there I’ll select the best shot of his body and expression, and then digitally remove the assistant holding him. Some take longer than others and I’ve become more obsessive with perfection. It’s a heightened reality, but I want it to look disturbingly realistic.” Mission accomplished.


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Paul Reyburn Paul has been an actor/director in the Twin Cities area for over 30 years and is very active in the MN theater community. His kid is really cool! He also writes the "Parental Writes" blog at
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