These Two Dads Make A Sweet Video To Find Their “Future Baby”. So Adorable!!


When Joey Famoso and Joe Morales decided to create an adoption video that would introduce them to birth mothers looking for a family to adopt their children, the Minneapolis couple knew they wanted to make one that would stand out. “Joey said, ‘Let’s sing and dance,’” Morales tells Yahoo Parenting. “I was like, ‘Ha ha.’ Then I thought, ‘Well, actually we really could write a song…”

Within the hour, he says, they’d jotted down 90 percent of the lines for their parody of Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband,” which they titled, of course, “Dear Future Baby.” The duo then took two weeks wordsmithing the lyrics. A sample: “We won’t let you cry. Always keep you dry. Even when ya diaper makes us wanna freaking die.” Less than two months later, with the help of local production company Atomic K Records, they were able to post the polished results to YouTube on Feb. 20. Since then it’s gone viral, with 19,000 views and counting, thrilling the aspiring dads. Each view and each forward, after all, brings them closer to hopefully finding the woman who will help them start their family. Best of luck, you two!!!

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Paul Reyburn Paul has been an actor/director in the Twin Cities area for over 30 years and is very active in the MN theater community. His kid is really cool! He also writes the "Parental Writes" blog at
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