Tyler’s Chimes

Here is a legacy story of a young boy with a finely tuned interest we all might take for granted.

When the parent’s of 8-year-old Tyler Doi, were told their son was on the Autism Spectrum, they never imagined his story would become an inspiration to create a product to educate others on this condition. Tyler soon became fascinated and calmed by the lull of wind chimes. So fascinated in fact, that his parents contacted the premier manufacturers of chimes, “Woodstock Chimes” to tell them Tyler’s story. Owner and founder, Garry Kvistad, made sure to invite Tyler for a visit and even set up a “Name That Chime” contest to test his knowledge of sound recognition against Tyler’s. Watch and be humbled by this brilliant young man’s observations and passion.

Kvistad said it best, “He (Tyler) can hear more than what most people hear in a sound, because he is inside of it”.

Woodstock chimes has now created a wind chime for autism. 100% of wholesale profits goes directly to ASD research and treatment. For a previous disconnected company to begin raising awareness for this neurological disorder that is still so misunderstood and unrecognized in society… That is beautiful.

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