All About Happy Smile Good



HAPPY SMILE GOOD is a line of products with a purpose, created by long-time, fun-loving friends and co-conspirators Alexis Walsko and Mike Minick. Alexis serves as the founder and CEO of Lola Red, and the unofficial ‘beacon of positivity’ for HAPPY SMILE GOOD. Mike is a graphic designer, creator of Green Boy Brand, and the creative driver for HAPPY SMILE GOOD.

In 2014, Alexis adopted a new role at her PR agency as the ‘beacon of positivity’ and was looking to add applicable inspiration to her wardrobe that complemented her new perspective. Alexis asked Mike for three distinctive t-shirts that read: Happy, Smile and Good. Mike misinterpreted the request and delivered the mashed-up mantra HAPPY SMILE GOOD on a singular t-shirt. Always one to embrace life’s flaws, Alexis adopted the affirmation and now the mantra is a movement.

HAPPY SMILE GOOD is a brand with a movement. Three words that present a challenge to be open, honest and pure of intention. Why HAPPY SMILE GOOD?

HAPPY: With the force of positive energy, moods lift, heads turn and no becomes yes. When happy calls, you answer.

SMILE: A simple act, clear in every language, is the easiest way to spread joy. Never underestimate the power of a smile.

GOOD: Coming in many forms, good things should always be shared with others, most importantly for a greater cause. With the sales of every HAPPY SMILE GOOD item, donations will go to the which fuels twelve charitable causes helping people, pets and the planet.

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