Boss Parenting Skills You Didn’t Realize You Had


Is anyone every really ready to be a mom? You can do your research and enlist expert help but we are all bound to learn most of what we need to know by going out and doing it! Bet you didn’t realize you had picked up these skills along the way:

1) You are Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse. You know where to find food, you have a high tolerance for gross stuff, you can blend in when necessary and get creative with weapons

Parenting has Prepared me for a zombie Apocalypse

via Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva

2) Parental Super Powers! Its like Spidey-Senses custom fit to your kids. Skills include: Parental Precognition, Super Distraction, Sleep Functioning and Gag Reflex Suppression

Parental Super Powers


3) You can now do anything— anything — with one hand! One of your hands is now constantly filled with a baby but that doesn’t stop you from typing that email to you boss, whipping up a quiche or folding all the laundry.

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