Parental Writes #10 – Party Tricks!


#10 – Party Tricks!
As an actor, I have a list on my resume of “special skills”. It’s a list of things you can do that might help you land a specific job. My list is entitled “Assorted Weird Things I Can Do” and includes such things as Growing Facial Hair, Golf, and Touching My Nose With My Tongue, among others.


(Not actually me)

Recently, we took Duncan on a couple of auditions so we wrote up a resume for him. He’s done a few shows around town and some dance recitals – enough to warrant a resume. Plus, he’s a bit of a ham:


When listing his special skills, we included his dance, piano, skating, and hula-hooping. He saw that and said “What about blowing smoke?” OK. Added.

Have you seen anyone do this? His cousin can do it and Duncan was fascinated so he taught himself how to do it. Mainly from watching this guy, I think:


Kinda freaky, but pretty cool, right? Of course, I think it kind of hacks out your throat if you do it too often. But, hey, good party trick for down the road.

Just like this one – blowing bubble circles underwater. He worked on that one in the pool in AZ a few months ago. Also pretty cool!


He catches on to these pretty quickly. He gets super-focused on these “skills” until he can do them no problem. I like to think that bodes well for whatever tasks may come his way down the road.

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