Parental Writes #12 – To the Cabin!


My in-laws have a great little cabin in northern WI. We try to get there as often as possible during the summer just to relax for a weekend.


Plenty of water options, such as the kayaking above. Or since Duncan’s Grandpa likes to fish, there has been plenty of time over the years to teach Duncan the joys of fishing. His favorite place to fish is right off the end of the dock:

fish 1

Fish 2

fish 3

Getting better…!

Another cool part of going to the cabin is the local village’s Fourth of July celebration. Every year they have a boat parade with whomever wants to participate, a pretty decent fireworks display (sitting in the pontoon boat!), and a parade with local businesses and firefighters (known affectionately as the “candy parade”). But Duncan’s favorite part of the day is the Kids Games in the afternoon. We gather on the beach/park in town and the kids compete in all sorts of old-timey games:

Watermelon eating contests, Hula hoop contests (Duncan won last year!), Dashes, How far can you kick your shoe, Wheelbarrow races

wheelbarrow race

And, of course, Sack races:

sack race

(Duncan in the blue falling across the line in 3rd place).

The rest of the summer is a lot of swimming, golf, games of Clue, Hearts, and a bunch of older games that are perfect for rainy days (Racko, Sequence, Pigmania, etc…). Not to mention reading. We have a library of cabin books – comics, spy novels, mysteries.

This past weekend, we were invited to another cabin for a little tubing for the kids.


But in the end, it’s all about forgetting about emails, smartphones, and Facebook for a few days and not worrying what time it is.

Just relax…

fishing duncan

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