Parental Writes #13 – The Short, Not-So-Hot Summer


Back To School Sad


Usually by this point in the summer, Duncan is getting excited to return to school. This year? Not so much. I think a giant part of it is that summer here in MN didn’t really start until after July 4th. June was wet and cold – a late season April (or early season November).


It’s like my wife, the teacher, says, “It needs to be really hot for a week or two so I don’t mind going back into the air-conditioned school”. And she goes back into workshops 2 weeks earlier than Duncan. I get the feeling everyone up here is hoping summer lasts into October.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s been a jam-packed couple of months (as you may have noticed from previous posts), but until July, we didn’t have the weather to sit outside for dinner, or wear shorts constantly. We didn’t notice the air conditioning because it was the same temperature inside and out. We haven’t even had to worry about this sort of thing yet:


We’ll be trying to cram in a few more trips to the cabin, a trip to an amusement park, a performance of a show he’s been rehearsing for, Bike rides, corn on the cob, and more mini golf (Duncan has won the last two times we’ve gone out, which makes him feel like this):


Plus, back to school shopping… 🙂

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