Parental Writes #15 – The Summer “Funnel”


As we were coming home from the cabin yesterday, Duncan said “During the summer I always forget what day it is. That NEVER happens when I’m in school.”




That got me thinking – which sometimes is a bad thing 🙂 – that, as a kid, the three months of summer are kind of like a funnel; the first month and a half are usually wide open. There’s plenty of time to do everything, right? Trips to the cabin, swimming, mini golf, regular golf, playing with friends, amusement parks, zoos, baseball games, and on and on…




Then, suddenly, it’s late August and there’s a bunch of stuff that hasn’t been done yet! Quick! To the cabin! To the Amusement Park, To the Baseball game! Cram it all in before Labor Day!  AAAAHHH!!

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done a bunch of cool stuff this summer but now it feels like we’re super rushed to get more things in before school starts.

I pine for the times when I didn’t have to worry what day it was…




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