Parental Writes #17 – The Grown-up Parties


My in-laws had a party at the cabin this past weekend for their friends and colleagues. Duncan knows all of them since we spend every Thanksgiving with them and they are all interested in what he’s doing. He enjoys hearing what they have to say. Granted, these are a bunch of scientists and Duncan usually understands (or at least appears interested in) what they are talking about. Usually. He’ll join in the conversation when he can. Remember when I said he’s a pretty cool kid? Yeah.

Let’s face it. When us “grown-ups” have a party nowadays, we tend do this:


Which, to a kid, usually invokes this sort of reaction:


There’s typically not a lot for them to do, right? Or people just ignore them, preferring to to talk with their adult friends. We all do. It was like that when we were kids – at least it was for me. My parents would be having a party, which, in my memory, had this sort of a feel…


but with a little less glamour. I was sent up to my room (or down the hall to my room, depending which house we lived in. Of course, it was loud enough for me to sneak back and watch for a while,


until I realized they were just chatting and laughing


so I’d fall asleep on the stairs. If I was lucky, I would be up long enough for the “real” fun to happen!


Or, more likely,


Come to think of it, some of our parties STILL end up like that.

Some things never change – and I hope they never do.

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