Parental Writes #2 – Travel


#2. Travel
I hear horror stories from friends about traveling with kids-their own or others in a nearby plane seat. Duncan has been an awesome traveler from Day 1. When he was 4 months old, we took him with us on a choir trip to Puerto Rico. No problem!! Thank you, Baby Bjorn carrier! His grandparents came along which helped a ton since my wife was busy with the choirs and I was one of the chaperones. 100 high school kids and an infant!

Since then, he has traveled to Arizona a couple of times, Florida (Disney World!), Michigan (by car a few times), and Costa Rica. No complaints-except when the plane doesn’t have a trivia game.


This is a bunch of us whitewater rafting in Costa Rica-Duncan loving it up front!

I have to say, It is so much fun to travel with a child when said child wants to try all sorts of adventures! As evidenced by this pic of D-Man on the Arenal zipline:


He had to do the longer stretches of the zipline with a guide so he didn’t get stuck in the middle but they let him fly solo at the end. He still talks about how awesome that was! I have to agree—if you ever get to Costa Rica, find a way to fit this into your schedule! So. Much. Fun.

As awesome as these far-flung trips are, there is something to be said for a little jaunt to the cabin:


Just relaxin’ and hangin’ out.

Or cruising around the lake with a basket of food and a pitcher of Gin & Tonics:


Someday it will be summer again…

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