Parental Writes #20 – Birthday Weekend!


Had my birthday this past weekend. I generally like to keep it low-key most of the time – maybe dinner out but mostly staying with the family.


I know, I know! Go out and have a good time! OK, I was planning on hanging around the house but out of the blue, a friend posted she had extra tickets to the U of MN football game on Saturday. FREE! Can’t pass that up so Duncan and I hopped on the train and headed to the stadium


Nice seats, right?!? It was a gorgeous day – mid 70s, sunny. Until the 4th quarter when a front moved in. We decided to leave when the rain got a little heavier. By the time we got to the train station (right outside the stadium), the sky had opened up and we (along with 30,000 others) got drenched.


Kinda like that but without the rain gear and the rain was going sideways due to the wind. Whee!

We did manage to get out the next day (eventually – what’s the rush?) and have a nice family dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant, in keeping with my subtle nature…


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