Parental Writes #9 – The Midway


#9 – The Midway.
Needless to say, Duncan loves carnivals. We took in the Bemidji Water Carnival (Northern MN) this past weekend – a typical small town midway, plopped down on a parking lot by the water.


A few rides that are NOT QUITE up to date:


lots of carnival food,


and, of course:


Carnies and their games. Now, I haven’t played many midway games for years, since there is usually a catch; you need to play several times to win the big prize, the basketball hoops are not round, etc… but Duncan hasn’t really had a chance to try them. So, what the heck! He managed to win a bunch of crap stuff. Inflatable bats at the pitching game, stuffed animals at the dart game. He even managed to get a two-fer on a fishing game – he hooked one fish and another was caught on the tail. Score!

He kept trying the basketball game,


but to no avail. Came close, but the odds on winning that one are slim to none – and Slim’s out of town.

He came away with some loot so all in all a success. Us grown-ups may think of it as throwing away money but sometimes it’s worth it to see the smiles as they get to pick out a prize that they won.


On a side note, Suzanne and I were wondering what would happen if the Carnies decided to unionize…

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