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#1. And it starts…
My foray into the blogosphere begins today.

Some background-I am the proud parent of a 10-year-old boy, Duncan. As a fourth grader, he is into all sorts of stuff; dancing, singing, sports (especially basketball), math, spelling, reading, and on and on.

My plan for this blog is to write about some of the goings-on around his life and our life as parents. Hopefully with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm.

I work as an actor and director as well as a social media coordinator for a toy company. My wife teaches high school vocal music and theater and is also an actor (with an amazing singing voice!). She is also the theater liaison at her school, meaning she deals with tickets, promo posters, etc… for every show and helps coordinate use of the space. Duncan attends a public school with an emphasis in the arts (big surprise). He sees specialists in dance, music, drama and visual art on a rotating basis. He really enjoys them all but thinks his art teacher is really cool (and he kinda is).

As with every family, our schedules are completely whackadoo. For example, this week I am performing Wednesday-Sunday, my wife is rehearsing for the choir’s Pops concert, and Duncan has baseball and track practice, as well as 1 more ballet class for this session. And that’s just the evenings. Daytime is jobs and school.

I’ll try and keep posting on a regular schedule but we’ll have to see what defines a regular schedule…

In the meantime, this was at the MN State Fair last summer:

Because pickle hat.



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