Post-it® Brand Collaboration Week: Thursday’s Weekly Chore Bingo


Let’s face it: even adults don’t like doing chores. However, small tasks like making the bed or picking up toys is a great way for kids to start learning responsibility. You can make these tasks more fun and inspire your little ones to help out around the house with this simple game from the folks at Post-it® Brand!

For best wall hang, use a smooth surface and position the adhesive stripes horizontally. Cleaning and conditioning products may affect adhesion.

What you’ll need:
1 – 15″ x 15″ Post-it® Big Pad
1 pack of Post-it® Page Markers in 2 different colors
1 marker
1 ruler


What to do:

1. Draw a chart on the Post-it® Big Pad, 4 boxes wide by 4 boxes tall, with each box measuring approximately 3 inches square.


2. Write “Weekly Chore Bingo” at the top, and write a household chore or task in each box. Talk with your kids about what chores are appropriate for them to do.

3. Set aside 16 Post-it® Page Markers (8 of each color).

4. Write your kids’ names on the Post-it® Page Markers, and stick them to the edges of the poster.

5. Throughout the week, after someone completes a chore, they can move one of their names into the corresponding box.

6. The first person to accomplish four chores in any direction gets a surprise! (The surprise can be anything that’s motivating to your kids, like an allowance or extra computer time.) You can also use alternate versions of the traditional bingo win—four corners, postage stamp, blackout, etc.

7. Enjoy your clean house all summer!

This activity was brought to you by Creative Kidstuff and Post-it® Brand.
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