Post-It® Collaboration Week: Friday’s Paper Bag Monster Piñata



This cute little monster is perfect for a holiday celebration, fun family gathering or your own cute little monster’s birthday party. Fill it up with candy or have it be an even bigger surprise when the final punch reveals stickers, fruit snacks, yo-yo’s, little plastic toys or even small packs of school supplies.

What you’ll need:

brown paper grocery bag


1 pack of 3″ x 3″ Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in 4-5 colors



What to do:

  1. If your grocery bag has handles, cut them off. Cut the top of the bag to create ears for your monster. Cut off the extra paper, or fold it under for extra strength when you hang the completed product.


  1. Cut two Post-it® Notes in a zig-zag pattern and attach them at the bottom of the bag as spiky little feet.


  1. Start layering Post-it® Notes to cover your piñata. Don’t worry if they don’t line up perfectly—the end result will be great! Use whatever colors or patterns you want.


  1. When you get to the top, it’s okay if the Post-it® Notes stick out over the edges. You can always trim them if you need to.


  1. Cover the back of your piñata with Post-it® Notes just like you did on the front. You can make the back solid, or do the same design as before.


  1. Fill your piñata!
  1. Tie string onto a binder clip clipped at the top, or poke a hole in the bag to hang it.
  1. Have fun!


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