Ridiculous Baby Products


In an effort to make parenthood easier and/or more fun, some “entrepreneurs” have come up with some interesting products.
I give you:

The Boob Cap
OK, this one is pretty hilarious. I have friends who would love this!
boob cap

The Snozzie: A bracelet to wipe your baby’s drool or snot.
Ew. Just Ew.

The Peek-A-Ru
In case you want your Halloween costume to be Quatto from the original “Total Recall”. Or John Hurt from “Alien”.

The iPotty
All I can think of is –Angry Turds.
Gadget Show iPotty

The Baby Mop
I know you’re sleep deprived, but really?!?

The Poop Alarm
I’m hoping the melody it plays is “Take A Load Off, Annie”.
poop alarm

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